We are Hiring:
Part-Time Wheel  Instructor (Weekends)


About the role:

The Craft Pottery Studio is an independent pottery studio located in central Glasgow. We aim to provide a calm, reflective environment for people to introduce themselves to different types of pottery. Our taster lessons are predominantly aimed at complete beginners, but our studio manager also teaches longer courses for intermediate and experienced potters.


We are looking for an experienced thrower to take over some of our weekend sessions, and with this bring a strong awareness of community, skill sharing and passion about your own pottery. Our studio has grown rapidly over the last 6 months;  we have increased the number of classes per week, as well as class capacity. 


The main purpose of this role will be to host our wheel taster classes, which are 1.5hrs long. We offer this type of class in both a ‘private’ and a ‘group’ option, each weekend day hosts one of each. For more information about what the classes consist of, please have a look at our website here: https://www.thecraftpotterystudio.com/kids-workshops.


Our taster classes are taught by numerous tutors, all of which work within the same class structure. You will be required to work with this system, and won’t need to be responsible for creating your own class structure. We are already almost fully booked until July, so attendance is forecast. 


Alongside tutoring, you will be required to fulfil studio admin after your classes have ended. Studio admin relates to the physical work that your classes generate, such as fettling, loading kilns, reclaim, classwork organisation, as well as general studio maintenance, cleaning and customer interaction. 


You need to have previous experience working in a ceramics studio, whether that be a community studio or your own, and a couple of years worth of making your own pottery. This position is for a wheel tutor, so it is important that you have been using a pottery wheel for at least 2+ years. Our weekend classes are often high energy, especially the group sessions - it is important to us that you feel comfortable demonstrating your skill at this level. Ideally you would have some teaching experience, however it is not required.

We are looking for someone with an enthusiasm for skill-sharing, the ability to give clear direction, to problem solve, and patience.