The Craft Pottery Studio

Terms & Conditions


All lessons must be scheduled and paid for before attending via our online scheduling system in the 'book now' section. Please do not bring additional attendees without letting us know first. If you are unable to attend your lesson, please email or call us as soon as possible and we will either reschedule your class or issue you a refund. Vouchers issued from Dec 2021 onwards have a code attached to the voucher that can be redeemed in our online booking system.


We have two studio's here at The Craft Pottery Studio, studio 109 on the 1st floor and 205A on the 2nd floor. Collection is always from 205A.

Pieces are complete within a 3 week period from your lesson and we will contact you via the text number associated with your booking to let you know how to collect them from us. Every customer is given an 8 week period between our first collection notice to collect before we send you a final collection reminder with a further 2 weeks. After a 10 week period, uncollected items will be donated unless we hear back from you. We do not have the storage space for forgotten pots!

Reschedules & Refunds:

If you need to cancel or rearrange your class, we can easily do that for you if you get in touch with us. We cannot refund or reschedule classes that have given less than 48 hours cancellation notice. This policy reflects the recent wave of late-notice cancellations we have received. This business is instructor-led, and as such, if the slot is unable to be filled last-minute, the instructor personally bears the financial burden.

If you are unable to attend your class at the last minute due to sickness or an emergency, please email us to discuss options however a refund or reschedule are not usually offered or guaranteed.

The above information applies to long courses. If you are unable to attend a session of your 5-week course, please let us know. Due to an overwhelming amount of reschedule requests for single and multiple 5 week course dates - we can no longer offer reschedules if you miss a class. The process of making pottery is time-sensitive in nature and the course has been designed with this in mind. Please try and ensure you can commit to the 5 consecutive sessions. If you do need to miss a session, the work for that week will be completed for you by one of our tutors.



Please arrive on time, or let us know if you are going to be late. If you arrive late within a 20 minute time frame, you may partake in the class however it will still need to finish within the allocated time-slot. If you arrive out-with 30 minutes, we can no longer host your session. 


Every voucher issued has an expiry date. Please ensure that you contact us within the 1year time period of the voucher being issued or advise the person you are gifting the voucher to to do so! We cannot book individuals in with expired vouchers unfortunately.

If you are unable to use your voucher code online, just email us with some information and we will get you booked right in! Vouchers are non-refundable. 

Pottery Items:

Whilst we do everything we can to ensure the safe passage of your creations through our kilns to your hands, pottery is a very difficult craft and we cannot guarantee their survival. Chips, cracks, bubbles, inconsistent glaze, warping and explosions are common and should be expected, however our tutors do their best to minimise this and have a good success rate! Pieces often collapse on the wheel when pushed too far - to avoid this happening be sure to follow the instructions of our tutor. 

Please also be aware that whilst we try and achieve consistency in finishing up your creations, glaze and surface texture may vary slightly from piece to piece. We use a white stoneware clay for all of our classes, however depending on the supply certain clays may be lighter or darker, effecting the glaze. We cannot glaze the underside of any pot - if we did, they would stick to the kiln during firing. We leave a 1-4cm gap at the bottom of each pot when we dip it in glaze. This is quite common in the world of ceramics.